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An established owner and trusted partner in affordable, stable housing solutions

What we do

We are an experienced, nimble, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to create and sustain affordable multifamily housing for low- and moderate-income households.

  • We act as a sole owner or enter into joint venture arrangements with private-sector affordable housing developers in acquiring, developing and owning affordable housing rental properties.
  • We work with other nonprofit service providers to support our residents in maintaining their housing and in building long-term financial security.

We were formed in 1989 as Minnesota Attainable Housing Corporation (MAHC). We now operate as Midwest Attainable Housing to reflect our expansion into Wisconsin and Iowa, with plans to keep growing in the region. Our original mission to provide and preserve affordable multifamily housing remains the same, and we are always exploring ways to support our residents’ housing stability and create stronger, more engaged communities.

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We increase our capabilities and impact through strategic partnerships with private-sector developers and collaborations with service providers.

Property Spotlight

Our properties provide permanent multifamily rental housing and on-site supportive services for long-term homeless families.


We are focusing on positive trends in the affordable housing industry, including supporting residents' financial self-sufficiency.

Minnesota and Beyond

Since its inception in 1989, Midwest Attainable Housing has devoted considerable time exploring affordable housing options. The learning curve was steep for an upstart nonprofit targeting this market, but our mission kept us focused. As our organization has matured, so has our involvement and impact in the industry.

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