In 1989, Harold Teasdale founded Minnesota Attainable Housing Corporation (MAHC), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization focusing on affordable, quality rental housing for low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

Harold capitalized on his instinct and his experience managing cooperative housing developments to form a nonprofit alternative to privately-owned affordable housing. At that time, the shortage in affordable housing was a big concern.  It was expected once the private owners of subsidized affordable properties paid off their maturing federally insured loans, they would convert their housing to market-rate rentals.

Midwest Attainable Housing became an active participant in the affordable housing market. Whether as a sole owner or a partner, our intention has been to safeguard the supply and preserve the affordability of multifamily housing for low- and moderate-income renters.

As the U.S. again grapples with an affordable housing crisis, we are aggressively pursuing an expanded mission. We are building on our strong preservation legacy to create opportunities for residents and private-sector owners to maintain long-term, stable housing, and promote strong and engaged communities.